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Provide your transactions, payments and data of your users with SSL Certificate

Sale of SSL certificates – provide your business

SSL certificates protect your business transaction. Increase trust of your website visitors and achieve full potential in online business. Applying standard security protocol for financial transactions on the Internet, we offer the option to secure safe business and client protection using SSL certificates. Protection of transaction is necessary if:

  • You offer online services to your clients and feature of online shopping,
  • Your business partners acess sensitive data over Internet,
  • You have business branches that exchange confidental data over Internet,
  • You forward personal data like adress, date of birth, ID number...
  • You have to sync requests for privacy and security,
  • You apperciate confidentiality and expect others to trust you.

Secure Socket Layer protocol is universal standard on the Internet for determining authenticity of web site and for crypted communication between user and web server. Since SSL is embedded in almost every web browser and web servers, simple installation of digital certificate or Server ID enables secure SSL web presence.

SSL Server for Confirming Authenticity

SSL Server for Confirming Authenticity enables users confirmation of identity on a web server. SSL enabled client software like web browser can automatically check if server's certificate and public ID is valid and certified by certificate authority (CA) - like VeriSign that's supported by client-software list CA. SSL server authentication is vital for secure e-commerce transaction.

Protection With SSL Certificate

Crypted SSL connection requires that all exchanged information between client and server be crypted by software of sender and decrypted by software of recipient which prevents private information from interscepting on the Internet. That means that users can send sensitive information like credit card information, knowing that SSL certificate keeps it private and secure.